Max Osadchenko
Production Sound Mixer

My name is Max. I've been doing sound for 11 years

I'm a union sound mixer based in Atlanta local 479 and I'm in good standing with local 695

Some time ago I moved from LA to Atlanta, where I had a chance to work with some biggest sound mixers in the industry and I've got a lot of experience and knowledge from them.

I have a cart setup for narrative feature films and episodic series. Also, I have a portable bag rig for documentaries and small corporate gigs. All my equipment is top industry brand and up to date, which helps me to provide production with the highest quality audio in any situation.
Areas of Expertise
Recording & Audio Editing: Enhanced quality by recording top-notch audio to encourage sound pathways to strengthen connections between performer and audience.

Audio Quality Enhancement: Featured dynamic bringing of director's ideas and actors' dialogues to reality to convey significant information.

Cross-functional Collaboration: Yielded favorable outcomes by coordinating with challenges of distinct actors and voices to be able to produce mesmerizing sound effects.

Feature films and TV series
Paradise highway (Hulu) Juliette Binoche, Morgan Freeman – Sound Mixer

Infamous (Hulu)

Stars: Bella Thorne, Jake Manley, Amber Riley – Sound Mixer

Sightless (Netflix) – Sound Mixer

Free Lunch Express (Right & Funny Production) – Sound Mixer

The killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (Redbird Entertainment) – Sound Mixer

No Place Like Home (Lifetime) – Sound Mixer

The Mother-in-Law (Lifetime) – Sound Mixer

Cerebrum (Udhills Production) – Sound Mixer

I Am Normal – Sound Mixer

Olia Oparina, 2018

Tin Can – Sound Mixer

Pat Battistini, 2018

D.A.R.C.Y – Sound Mixer

Henry Behel, 2018

The Investment – Sound Mixer

Taylor Curry, 2018

The Last Wish – Sound Mixer

Timorthy Woodward Jr., 2018

The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain

David Midell, 2018

Handprints – Sound Mixer

Jennifer Mochinski, 2017

Reverse – Sound Mixer

Prince Bagdasarian, Amber Glenn, 2017

Broken – Sound Mixer

Enrico Natale, 2017


Michelle Tea, 2017

Snowbound – Sound Mixer

Olia Oparina, 2017

Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

Doug Campbell, 2017

The Trap Door at the Edge of Universe

Noah Warner, 2017

Sequester – Sound Mixer

Franklin Fuentes, 2016

The Proposal – Sound Mixer

Danny Buonsanto, 2016

My IMDb page
Reality shows and documentaries
Rock & Roll Chef,
Broadcaster Royale,
Psychopathology & DSM,
Vintage Point VR360,
Herschel Supply Co,
TopGolf Miami,
Cirque Du Soleil,
Isina Reality Show,
Ghoul Gang Slumber Party,
Lyft Las Vegas VR360,
Mickey Fine Testimonials,
Pepsi Mixology, So Foreign,
90 Day Fiance (Season 10)Discovery+ — TV — Sharp Entertainment,
Untitled Memorial Doc (Season 1) - Discovery+,
Flesh and blood - National Geographic,
Big table (Season 1),
Killer Motive (Season 2) - Oxygen — TV — Peacock Productions,
Married To Medicine (Season 8) Bravo — TV — Fremantle Media,
Reclaimed (Season 1) Magnolia — TV — Discovery Channel, Restoration Road (Season 1) Magnolia — TV — Big Table Media Bill Clinton in Puerto Rico History — TV,
Super bowl 2020 Fox — TV,
UFC (Season 1) YouTube — TV,
Indian Matchmaking (Season 1) Netflix — TV,
First Time Flippers (Season 9) DIY Network — TV — Boy Wonder Productions,
Uncovered (Season 1) TV — Renegade 83,
Celebrity Big Brother (Season 1) NBC — TV,
Flippers (Season 10) NBC — TV — VICE Media,
Buried In The Backyard NBC — TV — Renegade 83,
Food Paradise (Season 13) Prime Video — TV — O'Malley Productions,
Downunder Horsemanship (Season 99) 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Recorded top-notch audio on location and on-set for films and television shows with a top brand and up-to-date equipment. Utilized expertise in mixing and balancing audio as captured. Analyzed and addressed various issues, such as flubbed lines, background noise, echo, and distortion to streamline workflow. Recognized uniqueness of every scene and leveraged different strategies for capturing clear and high-quality audio. Oversaw talent and crew in professional and transparent manner, while incorporating director's instructions completely.

  • Provided 100% of useable audio with zero stress for production and crew.
  • Fully vaccinated, Covid complaint
Licenses and unions
  • Driving license
    Driving License – Georgia Driver's License
  • Unions
    Sound Mixer – IATSE Local 695
    Sound Mixer - IATSE Local 479

  • Languages
    English – Fluent
    Russian – Native